4 Ways To Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns Profitably

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scale facebook ad campaigns

Looking to scale your Facebook ad campaigns but not sure where to start?

I get it…

It can be a tricky one to pull off, especially if you`ve been educated on only one way to do it. But it`s definitely doable if you know what you`re doing.

Scaling doesn`t need to be complicated, it`s actually fairly simple once you understand the fundamentals and what the platforms want you to do.

Let`s start with one of the first fundamentals when it comes to scaling.

Know Your Numbers

Before we can talk about scaling, we have to address a very important subject here.

You need to know what metrics are important to your business and how much you`re willing to spend to get a lead or acquire a customer.

Neglecting this essential point will cause you troubles.

It`s like delegating something in your business that you still don`t have any systems for.

The new person comes in, he doesn`t have a road map to follow, there`s no way he`s gonna do a good job, you have to give him directions.

You just can`t delegate something that`s not systemized.

Your directions when scaling Facebook ad campaigns are the metrics you consider valuable to your business. They vary from industry to industry, it might be cost per lead, appointments, registrations, or cost per acquisition.

Not knowing your numbers is dangerous, so keep those metrics in mind as you scale.

How Most People Scale Facebook Ads

There`s a huge misconception out there…

The guy goes out, he buys some ads, he finds himself spending $500 a day and one day wakes up and says…

… “I want to scale my ads, I think I`m going to bump up my budget. I feel pretty good about it.”

He goes into Ads Manager and increases the budget to $1500 a day.

The next day he wakes up and notices that his cost per acquisition spiked up and he`s getting almost no conversions. The dude panics and that same night goes out with his friend complaining about Facebook ads not working.

scale facebook ad campaigns

Do you see the problem here?

Most marketers and entrepreneurs still think that scaling campaigns is all about increasing the budget. This couldn`t be further from the truth.

Paid traffic doesn`t work like that and Facebook ads are no exception!

It`s not a sustainable way to approach your marketing efforts. You can`t just turn on the hose and expect that everything will be alright.

As I reveal the 4 ways to scale, you`ll understand why relying on budget increases is playing the hope game.

I`m actually going to show you how to increase the budget the right way, so stick around.

The name of the game when scaling is variety.

Revealing 4 Ways To Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns Like A Pro

You already know that scaling isn`t just about increasing budgets but what other ways are available for you to do it and still get a good return on investment?

There are definitely more viable ways to scale, like the ones mentioned below.

Essentially, there`s only four ways to scale facebook ads:

  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal Scaling
  • Offer Scaling
  • Creative Scaling

We`re going to go over each one and show you exactly how they play out.

You can definitely use them all at once.

These four options will give you enough variety to implement a long term business strategy…

…no quick fixes here!

Let`s get started.

#1 – Vertical Scaling

This is probably the most common way of scaling your campaigns.

As you know, at this point, most people get it wrong. Sudden increases in budgets are a great way to screw up campaigns.

If you go into Ads Manager and increase the budget to a number far from the average spend of your account, you`ll get a warning sign from Facebook.

scale facebook ad campaigns

The right way to scale vertically is to increase your budget by 50% every 3 to 5 days. This will give Facebook enough time to adjust to the new budget increase without messing with the numbers.

Does this guarantee that your costs will stay the same?

Definitely not, there are so many factors that can offset your metrics but at least you`re giving yourself a good a shot at avoiding screwing up campaigns.

scale facebook ad campaigns

#2 – Horizontal Scaling

If long term success is a priority for you, then this type of scaling is a great option.

You`re not relying on budget increases here, instead, you`re making sure that your campaigns and adsets are always fresh with new targeting.

All it takes is a little bit more digging on your target audience to find similar audiences.

This method involves doing more research to find new audiences that you can use to later create adsets with. Audience Insights is a great tool to use for this.

Make sure that the new interests you search for inside Audience Insights appear in the detailed targeting when you`re creating your new adsets.

You can also take the custom audiences, if you`re using any, that are already performing well and create lookalikes.

If you`ve done your initial audience research right, then you`ll have no problems finding similar groups of people to show your ads to.

Horizontal scaling is about widening your targeting, so you`re not showing the same stuff to the same group of people over and over again.

It gives your campaigns enough variety to implement a long term marketing plan. Nobody wants ads that just perform for two weeks and then fade out.

#3 – Offer Scaling

If you think you`re going to build a scalable business with just one offer… I think you`re going to be very disappointed. You just can`t scale with one offer.

Let`s say you`re giving people an ebook or a video series. Maybe you can change the offering and turn that into a mini-course or a webinar.

Maybe you have a course that`s a little bit more expensive, what you can do to diversify your marketing is to create a new course, for example, that solves a different problem for your audience.

Keep an eye on your Frequency column, it will give you a good indication of whether or not it`s time to change things a bit.

People get tired of seeing the same offer over and over again. Some folks might not resonate with every type of offer.

There are different types of buyers within the pool of traffic you`re trying to reach.

If your messaging needs to be flexible to adapt to those different types of personalities, your offers should accomplish the same thing.

You need to know what metrics are important to your business.

#4 – Creative Scaling

Since we talked about frequency…

Changing your ads will probably be the one task that you`ll need to do the most when scaling.

If you`re just launching a course and your campaign will run for only a few days, it`s ok to keep the same creatives.

Now, when you`re running ads all year long or playing with big budgets and you really want to scale your reach, you`ll have to swap those creatives and put something fresh out there once in and while. 

Changing creatives could mean trying new headlines, images, copy or even using new objectives for those same ads. It could be as simple as copying and pasting the post ID and start a new campaign with a different objective.

What To Look For When Scaling Facebook Ads

When you`re spending a lot of money on ads and you`re reaching tons of people, it`s good to know when to pause your campaigns and which to pause or scale.

There`s nothing worse than being overwhelmed by a bunch of data and not knowing what to do with it.

There`s a couple of metrics I use to determine whether or not I should focus on one particular campaign or targeting over the other.

Scale when:

  • Cost per lead or CPAs are within the limits of what you consider reasonable

Leave campaigns or adsets alone until they start to fade away when:

  • The metrics important to you are neither too good or too bad (turn off once they become bad)

Turn off when: 

  • You see ad sets with 3x your CPA
  • You see ad sets with other metrics that fall outside what you`re comfortable spending (say you want to spend $5 to get a lead, if you`re getting $14 leads, turn off)

Scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns Requires Variety

The name of the game when scaling is variety. I think you’ve already figured it out.

Facebook, like every other social medium, wants to keep people on their platform and they don`t want you to show people the same stuff over and over again.

So, think about ways to create different content and offers that are relevant to your audience.

Let`s take a look at some of the main takeaways here:

  • know your numbers well before scaling
  • always think in terms of variety
  • scale campaigns that are within what`s reasonable to you

Not every entrepreneur wants to scale their business and that`s ok.

But if you`re going to do it, be prepared to put in the work or have someone do the work for you because scaling takes not just effort and you have to know what you`re doing.

I`d love to hear from you…

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