These PPC Copywriting Tips Could Turn Search Ads Into Your Personal ATM

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ppc copywriting tips

Sounds like a bold claim, doesn´t it?

How can some PPC copywriting tips turn search ads into your personal ATM?
Not literally, but you know what I mean!

Look, these aren´t some “pie in the sky” ad copy techniques. They´re proven to be effective for decades. Plus, they´re easy to understand.

Maybe you´ve learned somewhere but forgot to apply them. Or maybe, you´ve never heard of them. Either way, I believe you´ll get great value from reading this post.

Ready to start printing money from your search ads? Ok, let dive into it!

PPC Copywriting Tips

As mentioned in the beginning, these are time-tested copywriting techniques, proven to work in any form of advertising.

So, why can´t they work in pay-per-click ads, no matter the search engine or placement?
It could be a Google ad, a Bing ad, or a newsletter ad.

Well, the truth is they flat out work! In a few seconds, you´ll discover exactly why.

“I have learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but that it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.” ~ Leo Burnett

One Big Idea

This copywriting technique is so persuasive that you could forget about everything else and still convert traffic.

By nature, human beings get confused pretty quickly, it has been said we can only retain a maximum of 3 ideas per book we read.
Crazy, isn´t it?

Similarly, when someone sees your ad, they can only pay attention to the big idea. If there are too many ideas, they´ll get confused and don´t take action.

I encourage you to think about this… what´s the ONE thing you´re trying to convey in your ad?

For instance, the big idea in your search ad could be transforming the prospects´ daily habits. Just use that, don´t talk about anything else. On your landing page, you can develop further on that idea.

Choose Words Wisely

Persuasive copywriting has a lot to do with word selection.

Certain words when applied convert better than others. For instance, “discover how to” is better than “see how to”.
Here´s a list of winning words:

advertising ad copy

Obviously, you can´t just stuff a bunch of persuasive words in your search ads. Common sense is required here!
The advertisement needs to make sense.

Let´s see an example, using some of the words shown in the image above:

Headline: Attract Wealth Faster |Free Video Series | Get Instant Access Now

Description: Discover how to use the power of your subconscious mind to attract wealth faster. Attract, retain, and multiply wealth in record time.

You get the idea. Another tip I can give you is to always capitalize the headline initials. Notice that I use this technique in this post´s headline.
It works!

Why? Because it draws people´s attention to it. It certainly drew yours.

“On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” ~ David Ogilvy

Focus On Them

It´s not by chance that “you” is one of the winning words on that list. Not you, them!

Who? Your prospects, of course.
You`re probably already aware of this technique but ask yourself, how many times you used it.

The goal of an advertisement, whether it is placed on Google, a newspaper, or on a billboard, is to influence your audience to take a specific action, not to make you look good. Nobody cares about your product!
People care about what´s in it for them.

PRO TIP: Write your advertisement thinking about the person who´s going to see it.

Once you´re done writing, take a step back and come back to it for editing later. You´ll discover new ideas and insights you hadn´t thought of before, which will make your ad stand out even more.

Needless to say, you need to know your audience top to bottom before even writing an ad.

Benefit, Benefit, Benefit

Another important PPC copywriting tip is to include benefits in your advertising. Google lets you add callout extensions, which were partially designed for that purpose.

Now, the question is: how many benefits should you add?

Remember the three little pigs story? And what about the three musketeers?
Of course! Everybody remembers those. Why? Because the human mind is programmed to better process experiences, if they´re presented in elements of three.

For instance, pricing models of products all over the world have this characteristic. It´s very persuasive!

With this in mind, try to include three benefits in your search ads. Let´s take the previous example we used to explain word selection:

ppc ad copywriting

The benefits here are “attract”, “retain” and “multiply” wealth. You don´t want to include three benefits in the headline because that way your ad will lack variety and won´t convert as well.

Use only one benefit in the headline and reinforce, and expand it in the description.

As mentioned earlier, you can also include benefits in the callout extensions.
In this case, I´ve used some social proof but it´s all up to you. You can always test to see which method performs best.

The goal of an advertisement is to influence your audience to take a specific action, not to make you look good.

You Have To Prove It

Speaking of social proof!
Yes, you need to use it more often in your search ads. Out of all these PPC copywriting tips, proving it will influence your prospect´s behavior the most.

I don´t need to bore you with study after study proving, precisely, that social proof in any form of communication flat out works.

These days, with so much information out there, it´s no so much what to do but how to apply it.
You have to think creatively when it comes to using social proof in your advertisements but never lie.

The previous tip gave you some perspective on this, with the use of callout extensions. Here are some more examples:

  • featured in X magazine
  • 15 years providing world-class customer support
  • 5,000+ customer reviews
  • certified professionals
  • endorsed by Y
  • the first to discover Z
  • industry-leading product development

The sky is the limit, really, when it comes to social proof. Find out the top three social proof elements of your business or product.
If you only have one, that´s ok, start there and build upon it, as your business grows.

Remember that all giant companies of today started with no credibility at some point.

Tell´em What To Do

We´re getting to the most basic PPC copywriting tip of all. By the way, most advertisers forget about this one.
After writing a great ad, they forget to add a call to action.

Admit it… how many times have you done that? I know I did!

If you´ve read our previous article on YouTube ads best practices, you know I mentioned the purpose of an advertisement.
An advertisement is meant to have people take a certain action. If people don´t take action is because the ad failed to communicate that.

People like to be told what to do, maybe some don`t (you know what I mean), but in advertising, they do and appreciate it.
A call to action could be as simple as “shop now” or “find out more”.

To provide you with some inspiration, here´s a list of popular CTAs, brought to you by WordStream:

As you can see, “get” is crazy popular among users.

Remember that testing is your best friend when it comes to any form of advertising, including PPC.
Calls to action should be tested and improved, over time.

Truth be told, you should be testing everything!

PPC Copywriting Tips Recap

As we´re reaching the end of this article, it´s worth recapping what you´ve learned so far.
Here´s a brief summary of all the tips we´ve covered:

  • Big idea: convey one big idea in your search ad to avoid confusing the end-user (example: attract wealth)
  • Word selection: pay close attention to the words you choose, some convert better than others
  • Focus on the user: as you write your ad, try to get into your prospects´ mind to understand their way of thinking
  • Three benefits: include three benefits related to your offer in the description, people remember best in three
  • Proof: add social proof to your advertisements whenever possible, be creative but never lie
  • A strong call to action: tell people exactly what to do, otherwise they won´t do anything

I hope you found these PPC copywriting tips helpful, I believe they will serve you well on your journey to becoming a better advertiser.

Let us know in the comments, what are your top three takeaways from this article?
We´d love to hear from you!

6 PPC Copywriting Tips – Infographic

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