Hottest Tools To Grow And Scale Your Shopify Store In 2021

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grow shopify store

Growing a successful Shopify store isn´t easy.

Inventory, customer support, email marketing, advertising, hiring…

.. add the thousands of tools you can use to power up your store and you´ve got your hands full!

Our goal was to make your job easier by putting this list together. Hence, all of these tools are from companies we rely on and trust 100%, they´re essentially our partners.

We´re absolutely certain they can help grow your Shopify store and make the process easier, more simple, and less painful.

Grow Your Shopify Store With These Tools

As you can tell, this is a shortlist.

We didn´t want to overwhelm you with all the tools you can get, instead, we decided to select the best and the ones we recommend to our community and partners.

So, let´s kick things off.

Reliable Hosting

The last thing you want is to have your site down.
Depending on how much revenue your store is generating, just one hour of downtime could be enough to open a hole in your wallet.

Inmotion Hosting, with their VPS solution, makes it easy for entrepreneurs like us to get set up fast and get going with business without worrying about downtimes or slow loading pages.

grow shopify store

I´ve tried other hosting companies in the past but always found myself coming back to Inmotion.

Plus points:

  • Lots of hosting options for any business
  • Knowledgeable customer support
  • Cloud-powered redundancy for no downtime
  • Flexible pricing plans

High Converting Theme

The right Shopify theme can set you apart from all the other stores you´re competing with.

The good news is with Debutify you don´t need to compete, you can just dominate. It´s one of my absolute favorite Shopify themes, their value and performance are unmatched.

Also, the theme is endorsed by Kamil Sattar aka “The Ecom King”, who´s generated over $7M in sales in the first 3 months of using Debutify.

These guys are in a completely different league when it comes to high-performance Shopify themes.

Plus Points:

  • All-in-one solution
  • Lots of customization
  • SEO & mobile friendly
  • Saves $1000`s on third-party apps
  • Suits any niche or industry
  • Works for small or large inventory
  • Shopify partners

Email Marketing Automation

Email automation is an absolute must for any ecommerce brand owner.
The biggest problem with email marketing tools is their ability or lack thereof to integrate with different apps.

ActiveCampaign syncs with the top ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, and integrates with 850+ different apps.

I changed to AC in 2018 and have never used another email marketing tool.

Plus points:

  • Amazing automation flows
  • Advanced triggers and automations
  • Affordable, great value for your money
  • On-site tracking
  • Highly customizable

Customer Engagement

Customer service is a big part of ecommerce. Without a great one, your store won´t survive let alone thrive in today´s competitive online shopping world.

HelpCrunch is an amazing company that provides a world-class customer engagement solution. Your live chats will never be the same with this tool.

The best part is that HelpCruch is specifically designed for ecommerce.

Plus points:

  • All-in-one solution
  • Cross-channel customer engagement
  • High converting popups
  • Help desk
  • Great value
  • Very easy to use

If you´ve been running any kind of Facebook advertising, you probably already seen and felt the impact of recent iOS updates.

Retargeting lists getting shrunk, lost data, and perhaps lost revenue. Luckily, there´s a solution that pretty much makes iOS updates irrelevant.

Introducing PixelMe, a URL shortener that allows you to create lists from people who click on your links and retarget them on sites like Facebook, Amazon, and Spotify.

In other words, PixelMe is kind of like Bitly with retargeting pixels.

Plus points:

  • Allows you to create branded URLs
  • Share all your links on a micro landing page
  • Beat iOS updates with first-party cookie tracking

Ad Optimization

When it gets time to scale your Shopify store on platforms like Google and Facebook through paid advertising, one small optimization can make a big difference.

In fact, ROI tends to decrease as you scale, and relying on third-party optimization tools becomes non-negotiable.

That´s where Adzooma comes into play.
It provides AI-driven suggestions, efficient management, clean reporting, and automation rules to help maximize your ad spend on Google, Facebook, or Bing.

Indeed, no other ad optimization tool currently comes close to what Adzooma offers.

Plus points:

  • Automated rules run every 30 minutes
  • Custom automation rules
  • 53 pre-built templates
  • 1-click optimization suggestions
  • Free to use

Analytics Simplified

When Google Analytics becomes too complicated or a load of work, you get frustrated.
I´ve been there!

Doesn´t matter if you´re just starting your Shopify store or scaling to 7, 8, or 9 figures, without the right analytics tool, you´ll end up wasting hours of your time and resources unnecessarily.

Oribi is for people like you and me, non-techies. It´s your analytics and data employee working for you 24/7, without getting tired or ever complaining.

Companies like Sony, Audi, and Sky use Oribi to simplify and step up their analytics game.

Plus points:

  • Clear answers with insights and trends
  • No developers required
  • Optimize for conversions with funnels and correlations
  • Easy and fast reporting
  • Marketing attribution made simple

Ecommerce Growth And Scaling Made Easy

So, you now have our list of tools to help grow your Shopify store.

As I said in the beginning, we endorse great companies that really make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs like you.
Growing a Shopify store is challenging enough, let´s not make it harder with the wrong tools.

We´d love to hear from you…

Do you already use any of these or which ones will you try first?

Pedro Campos

Pedro is the founder of Advertongue, a performance-based digital advertising agency. He is a paid media strategist for high-growth companies and experts all over the world, with over a million dollars in managed ad spend. You might have seen his content on sites such as Funnel Magazine, G2, Content Marketing Institute, or FitSmallBusiness, to name a few.


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