These Google Ads Audiences Might Take Your Business To The Moon – Try Them At Your Own Risk

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google ads audiences

There are so many audiences you can target with your Google Ads.

What are the ones you should focus on?
That`s the goal of this post.

In a few seconds, I`ll share with you what I think are the best Google Ads audiences and tell you why.
These will be remarketing audiences, specifically.

Here, you`ll also find a break down of each one, including remarketing, in case you`re not very familiar with them.

As the title suggests, they might take your business to the moon and with good reason.
Are you ready? Let`s go.

Google Ads Audiences Explained

If you`re not very familiar with the types of audiences that exist within Google, don`t worry.

I`ll breakdown for you every audience you can target with your ads. The following list should give you a better understanding of how they work.

  • Detailed demographics: examples of demographics targeting include parenting status, household income, home ownership status, marital status, employer`s company size, or industry and education level.
  • Affinity audiences: these are people passionate about a specific topic, like cycling. You can also create a custom affinity audience to reach a niche market, based on keywords, URLs, inputs from apps, and map locations.
  • Life events: with display ads, you can reach consumers who are in the middle of an important life event, such as moving to a new home or getting married. At these times, people are likely to make major purchasing decisions.
  • In-Market audiences: these audiences, as the name suggests, are in the market for something. They are actively researching or intending to buy a product or service at this time. For example, someone looking for a new family car.
  • Custom intent: these audiences are made of consumers searching for specific products and services on Google`s search engine. Someone looking for a place for their next vacation is an example of a custom intent audience.
  • Similar audiences: you can re-engage existing customers with the Customer Match option based on CRM data or look for new customers like the ones you have, leveraging their email, address, phone number, or device ID.
  • Remarketing: this allows you to show relevant ads to people who have previously interacted with your business, such as cart abandoners, YouTube video viewers, or blog post visitors.

Alternatively, you can check out the infographic at the end of this post, which explains what we`ve discussed so far.
Also, in this guide, Google provides even more insights on which audiences show up in different media placements.

Best Google Ads Audiences For Remarketing

Now that you have a better understanding of which audiences you can target, it`s time to go a bit more advanced and talk about remarketing lists.

With so many options at your disposal, you really need to think strategically, when it comes to choosing your targeting options.

We both know it`s not just about targeting your ideal customers but also maximizing your ROAS.

The following Google Ads remarketing audiences, broken down into the different stages of the customer journey, can help you accomplish exactly that.

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[Awareness] Most Engaged Blog Readers

Would you rather show a paid webinar offer to someone who visited your blog for 10 seconds or someone who stayed there for 10 minutes?

The answer is obvious!
Your most engaged blog readers will also be the people who are more likely to convert to your offers.

So, how do you target these folks?

Thanks to Google Analytics` custom segments, we can do just that!

best google ads remarketing audiences

Create a custom segment for people who spent X minutes on your blog, in this case, 600 seconds, 10 minutes.

best google ads remarketing audiences

Then, it is as simple as building an audience off of that custom segment you`ve just created.

Essentially, with this, what you`re doing is creating a remarketing list.

In addition, you can also segment people based on how many times they come back to your blog with the Returning Users dimension.

Best for: blogs with a considerable amount of traffic and of course, great content.

[Consideration] Email List Remarketing

As you probably already know, a big percentage of a contact list won`t open your emails, most of the times.

It could be due to multiple factors.

But you don`t want to be wasting your money building a list and not get the most out of it. The question is, then: how can we maximize our list building efforts?

With remarketing.

google ads remarketing audiences

All you have to do is create a customer list audience.
From there, you can upload a file with email contacts to Google Ads and it creates a remarketing audience for you.

However, for any remarketing list, don`t forget you must meet these requirements:

Best for: companies with decent size email lists and multiple contact segments.

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[Conversion] Cart Abondoners

If you`re not remarketing to people who`ve abandoned your shopping cart, you`re leaving money on the table.

These folks have come so close, to the conversion. Why not get them back to your website so they can complete the purchase.

According to SaleCycle, 79% is the rate of cart abandonment across all sectors.
Think about that for a second!

best google ads audiences

That being said, you can`t afford to not show ads to people who have visited your Add To Cart page(s) and didn`t purchase the item(s).

Regardless of the reason for abandoning the cart, this is your chance to get folks to complete a purchase.

In other words, it`s your low hanging fruit.
If you have a good amount of traffic coming in, you should definitely use this tactic.

Best for: eCommerce stores or any kind of software, info product business.

[Revenue] Most Valuable Customers

Your remarketing strategy wouldn`t be complete without this one.

In fact, this audience could be your most profitable. It`s often overlooked by marketers and business leaders.

When I say most valuable customers, it means customers with the highest lifetime value.

You can approach this in two ways:

  1. remarket to your best customers, taking advantage of up-selling or cross-selling
  2. target people similar to your best customers

In order to accomplish that, you`ll want to use the customer list option, within Google Ads.

Make sure you prepare a spreadsheet ahead of time with your customers` information. You can use this template, provided by Google to organize that easily.

Once you create a customer match audience, Google will then try to find people similar to your best customers and automatically create a list for you.

Best for: companies with a medium to large customer base.

In Search Of The Perfect Audience

As I said in the beginning, these remarketing audiences can take your business to “a new planet”.
They`ll certainly help you get the most bang for your buck.

Remarketing is one of the most simple and cost-effective ways to generate revenue.

Of course, no audience will be perfect or fit the needs of every single business.
That`s why you need to give them a try. Test and see which produce the best results for you.

In conclusion, we´d like to know which one you`re thinking about testing?
Or you might have one that got you great results already.

Let us know in the comments.

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