Facebook Ads Mistakes: 5 Common Ways To Burn Money – Which Ones Do You Want To Avoid?

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facebook ads mistakes

Ever heard this one?
“Oh, Facebook ads don`t work, I`ve tried in the past!”

It pisses me off when I hear this. Why? Because it`s usually the person running the ads (entrepreneur or marketer) the one to blame.

So, let`s stop playing the “blame game” and actually assume responsibility!

I`ve put together this simple article to help you avoid some of the most common Facebook ads mistakes aka “money burners”.

The question is: which ones do you want to avoid? (please avoid them all!)

Know who you`re targeting on Facebook and the problems they have.

#1 – No Pixel On Your Website

Let`s start with the basics.

Running ads on Facebook or on any other platform without tracking is suicidal!

facebook ads mistakes

You have no data, how are you going to make decisions? How do you know what campaigns are driving leads or sales?

Having a pixel on your site will ensure that you know exactly which ads are giving you sales or not.

SOLUTION: Use a Chrome extension called Facebook Pixel Helper to know if your pixel is correctly installed on all your pages.

#2 – Nobody Wants Your Stuff

Since we`re talking about basics, this one is as basic as it can get.

I know it`s a bit harsh…

You put all this effort into creating an offer and then people don`t want it. I`ve been there, it sucks!

That`s why it is so important to know who you`re targeting and the problems they have.

Once you know that, you can craft offers that solve those problems. Business 101, baby!

SOLUTION: Talk to people in your niche to gather info about their lifestyle.

The more consistent your advertising is, the more conversions and sales you`ll get.

#3 – Lack Of Avatar Research

You already know that it`s important to know your audience.

It`s equally important and necessary before launching any advertising campaign to research that audience and know what interests to target on Facebook.

There`s no shortage of information on Google and Facebook Audience Insights, where you can visit the pages and see what the prospects are talking about.

And above all… the exact language they use, which you can mirror later in your ad copy!

SOLUTION: You can also use Facebook`s detailed targeting search bar when creating your campaign. It will give you some more interesting suggestions.

#4 – Your Advertising Is Not Consistent

This is one of the common Facebook ads mistakes that most people don`t know about.

The more consistent your advertising is, the more conversions and sales you`ll get. Meaning, everything from your images, branding, and messaging has to be congruent.

facebook ads mistakes

If on the ad you tell a story, people get to the landing page and you`re telling a different story, there`s gonna be a disconnect.

People get confused and most don`t take the next step!

SOLUTION: Use the exact same color, offer and copy both on your ad and landing page.

#5 – Your Ad Copy Sucks

A big part of the ads I see on Facebook suck!

It`s easier to stand out over there than you think. Here are a couple of elements than make your ad copy “pop” on the news feed… and pretty much anywhere:

  • Start with a short phrase called the “hook”, something that grabs people`s attention immediately (it`s usually a problem or something they were not aware of);
  • Use emojis, as they make the ad copy friendly and help you build a connection with the audience;
  • Eliminate objections your prospects might have by using words like “quick, “easy, “fast”, “step by step”, “it`s simple” or “without X, Y or Z.”

SOLUTION: Follow these tips above or even better, grab a copy of David Sugarman´s Copywriting Handbook. Great book!

Stop Burning Money On Facebook Once And For All

Come on… who likes to burn money?
Nobody! Unless you have a printing machine at home.

Anyway, hope this simple article helped you in any way, if all it did was help you avoid just one mistake, it was worth your precious time… and money.

I`d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Which of these five mistakes were you not aware of?

Pedro Campos

Pedro is the founder of Advertongue, a performance-based digital advertising agency. He is a paid media strategist for high-growth companies and experts all over the world, with over a million dollars in managed ad spend. You might have seen his content on sites such as Funnel Magazine, G2, Content Marketing Institute, or FitSmallBusiness, to name a few.


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