The 12 Best Google Search Ads Examples To Help Unlock Your Inner Genius

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best google search ads examples

Just admit it…

You´ve created so many Google search ads that you´re running out of ideas.

Maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration to unlock your inner genius!

That´s exactly what this post will do for you.
I´m going to show you some of the best Google search ads examples to inspire, motivate, and help you craft the best advertisements in the business.

As the title suggests, we´re going to be focused on search ads.

Are you ready? Let´s dive into it.

The Anatomy Of Great Google Search Ads

Before we dive into the list of examples, I´d like to show you the fundamentals that great search ads are built upon.

If you take all these into consideration, you´ll have no problems converting traffic on Google.

best google ads examples

Be On The First Page

Hey, what are you doing on the second or third page?
You need to be visible!

Many advertisers miss this one because they´re not willing to spend the necessary amount per click to be on the first page of Google.

Think about this… what difference does it make having a great ad if it isn´t shown?
We both know the answer!

Firstly, make sure you have a competitive bid.
You´re going to have a higher chance of converting traffic into sales, simply because more people will see your ad.

Include Keywords In Your Ad Copy

The second tip is to include the keywords you´re targeting in your search ads.

What this will do is increase the ad relevance which will help improve your quality score and ultimately give you more impressions, clicks, and conversions at a lower cost.

Add Keywords To The Display Path

The display path is a piece of ad copy real estate often underutilized by PPC advertisers.

Let´s put it this way…
If Google gives you that extra space to make your ads more relevant, why wouldn´t you use it?

You want to use every little advantage you can get to stand out in the auction.

Also, by employing this tactic, your ads will be more relevant to the end-user, and as you probably already know, good ad relevance builds higher quality scores.

Capitalize The Headline Initials

There´s countless research done out there proving that people respond better to advertisements with capitalized initials.

Capitalized initials draw more attention to your ad copy.

Now, some advertisers also capitalize the initials of every word of the description. Personally, I don´t believe it makes a difference, so this is optional.
But you can always test it!

On the other hand, capitalizing headlines makes a huge difference.

Use All Relevant Ad Extensions

The keyword is “relevant”.

Google will only show two or three ad extensions at a time. So, don´t go out there and put every extensions available in your search ads.

Instead, use the ones you know are the most relevant to your business.
For instance, if you value phone calls, then it´s a good idea to include a call extension.

If you have a physical store, it makes sense to use location extensions.

I´ll tell you the ones you should add, regardless of your type of business. They are sitelinks, callout, and structured snippets.

Include Strong Calls To Action

There´s nothing worst than a great search ad without a strong CTA.

Well, actually that fact wouldn´t make it a great ad.
You´ve put all this effort into crafting your advertisements, now you need to finalize the process by adding a call to action.

What´s a call to action?
“Sign up now”, “Get a quote”, Try for 30 days”, “Contact us”, “Learn more”, “Show now”, you get the point!

Never, ever launch any ad without a call to action. It will persuade people to take action and that´s exactly what you want.

Google Search Ads Examples

The moment has come.

I´m finally unveiling the best Google search ads I´ve seen so far. Note that your opinion could be different.

These are the 12 ads that made the list.

#12 – HR Management Software

best google ads examples

This is the benchmark for simplicity, really!

That´s exactly what Spurwork wants you to believe. Simple and easy always sells.

On top of that, they managed to include sitelinks which is a Google Ads best practice.

#11 – Website Hosting

best google ads examples

An overall great search ad by HostGator.

They include a ton of information, which is exactly what you want to do. It prevents wasted clicks because people know what to expect.

Also, they put callouts and sitelinks.
As we´ve discussed before, these are some of the recommended extensions to include.

#10 – Car Dealership

Who doesn’t want the car of their dreams?

A great job from the folks at Miami Lakes Auto Mall for putting this ad together.

“Get approved” grabs your attention if you´re in the market for a new car. They`ve also included some other benefits that make the ad stand out.

#9 – Construction Materials

The reason I like this ad from Joyne is that they keep it simple and to the point.

If you look carefully, there´s a lot of benefits in the ad. I particularly like the “Take Back Your Time” part.

A well crafted and thought out search ad, no doubt about it.

#8 – Skydiving School

A good dose of social proof, benefits and most importantly setting the right expectations.

Skydive Elsinore did a great job here by adding the price of the experience. Before clicking the ad, people can already have an idea of how much it costs.

This builds confidence and avoids people that are just shopping around.

#7 – Designer Men´s Shoes

Reiss starts with a call to action, the single most important piece of ad copy.

In fact, there are two calls to action.

The addition of structured snippets (Types) makes this search ad a great one. I couldn´t imagine this advertisement without them.

Also, “New Lines Added Daily” makes people want to come back. Brilliant!

#6 – Email Marketing Tool

I like this ad from Sendinblue. It reminds me of a powerful persuasive mechanism, what I call the “3 amigos” or “3 friends” in English.
It basically stands for the fact that people remember better in 3.

So, “Simple, Reliable & Unlimited” is pure geniality, not only because of the mechanism but because it´s what the market wants.

Words like “easy” and “value” make this a superb search ad.

#5 – Accounting Software

best google ads examples

Now, this ad from QuickBooks deserves a spot in the top 5.

Just look at the amount of social proof, benefits, and calls to action in such a few words. It`s amazing!

Also, notice the deal at the end. It gives people an extra incentive to check out their great product.

#4 – Women´s Dresses

I´m a big fan of eCommerce brands. Boutiquefeel is a brand with a different and cool vibe.

They managed to translate that beautifully in the ad and on top of it, you have benefits, social proof, selling propositions like “Free Shipping” and “Best Price Guaranteed”.

At the end, my favorite “VIP Service”. Love it!

#3 – Subscription Billing Service

Again, Chargebee takes advantage of promotion extensions to entice potential customers to visit their site.

Basically, I typed in “Stripe” in the search box and this ad popped up.

They know that someone that uses Stripe will most certainly benefit from checkout pages, which is something these guys offer.

A very well targeted and thought out advertisement, an ad from another level. Really good!

#2 – Junk Removal Service

best google ads examples

1-800-Got-Junk is one of the best brands out there, period. And the ad follows their commitment to excellence.

If you want to model great ads, study this one closely!

I mean, you´ve got branding mixed with contact info, a friendly tone, a killer headline, a call to action, tons of benefits, and some of the best callouts in the business.

#1 – User Behavior Analytics

best google ads examples

This search ad is genius!

What made it appear was the query “Hotjar”, which is one of their competitors. Do you still think it´s not a great idea to target your competitors´ brand name?
Think twice!

So many great things here: multiple calls to action, enticing benefits, plenty of social proof, and value.

The #1 in user behavior analytics and #1 on our list.
Amazing job VWO!

12 Google Search Ads Examples: Which One Is The Best In Your Opinion?

I must admit, it wasn´t easy to put this list together. These are all great ads!
And there are probably many more out there that are not on the list.

It doesn´t matter how many search ads you´ve launched, there´s always room for improvement.
Hopefully, this article gave you a little bit more insight into what makes great ads.

Of course, this list only reflects my personal opinion, which might be different from yours.

That being said, what do you think is the best ad on this list?
Let us know in the comments.

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